Dee Wallace ET

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le 17/04/2010
 Dee Wallace

Dee Wallace ET

Interview de Dee Wallace, actrice, au BIFFF 2010.
Voici quelques-unes des questions (abordées dans la vidéo) que nous lui avons posées :

- How does it feel to be the chairwoman of the BIFFF’s international jury?

- You are an emblematic actress of the fantasy and horror cinema, with movies such as « The Howling », « E. T. », « Cujo », or « The Frighteners ».
What seduces you in these particular genres?

- You’ve been acting in more or less one hundred movies since the beginning of your career.
I would like to know which actor or actress influenced you the most?

- Could you please tell us a few words about your Hollywood acting studio?

- The film « Extraordinary Measures » will be released on May, the 26th in Belgium. You are acting in it along with Harrison Ford. A few words about the movie?

- Everybody remembers your remarkable performance in « E. T. - The Extraterrestrial », probably Steven Spielberg’s best movie ever.
But did E. T. have a sex?!

- Over here, it is said that you can guess the size of a man’s dick by measuring the diagonal between his thumb and his index finger.
And E. T. has very long fingers…

Voici le lien vers le site officiel de Dee Wallace :

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