Grudge Takashi Shimizu

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le 17/04/2010
Grudge Takashi Shimizu

Grudge Takashi Shimizu

Interview de Takashi Shimizu, réalisateur, au BIFFF 2010.

Voici quelques-unes des questions (abordées dans la vidéo) que nous lui avons posées :

- What is your biggest fear?

- Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever experienced any paranormal activities?

- The « Grudge » saga, which was shot in the US, is your own remake of « Ju-On ».
How would you compare the director/producer – producer/director relationship in the United States and in Asia?

- Did you have a say as a filmmaker or were you somehow « eaten » by the production?

- Could you choose your actors, for example, or were they imposed to you by the American producers of the movies?

- « The Grudge 1 and 2 » were produced by Sam Raimi. What do you think about his work ?

- Are there some movies you would really love to direct, but that you can’t do just because the deciding people await something else from you?

- There seems to be a double trend in « The Grudge 1 and 2 »: a very strong presence of the sacred, of the Asian believes, and an American production coming with a lot of money.
In the end, the audience understands the different elements and the different codes that you propose.
Contrary to « The Grudge movies », « Marebito » was made with less money and was quite different in that regard…

Bons films !

Jean-Philippe Thiriart

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  • Grudge Takashi Shimizu
  • Grudge Takashi Shimizu
  • Grudge Takashi Shimizu
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